The Gorgias API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Status codeMeaningDescription
2xxSuccessThe request succeeded. Everything worked as expected.
400Bad RequestThe request is invalid. Mainly due to:
• required parameters not specified
• parameters having invalid values
• unknown parameters were specified.

Read the error attribute contained in the data of the HTTP response to have more detailed information and understand the change you need to make to perform your request.
401UnauthorizedThe request was not authenticated. Mainly due to:
• invalid or expired API token
• missing API token

Read Authentication section to know how to authenticate your requests.
403ForbiddenThe API token provided does not have the permissions to perform the request. This is mainly due to the role associated with the user performing the request.
See permissions associated with your role: user permissions per role.
404Not foundThe requested resource does not exist. It can be a ticket, a customer, etc... Most of the time, it means that the resource has been deleted.
409ConflictThe request tried to create or update a resource with an identifier already in use. E.g: Attempting to create a customer with an email address already used by another customer.
413Payload Too LargeThe request failed because the payload is too large. Most of the time, it means that you've attempted to upload files above the size limit.
429Too Many RequestsThe request failed because you performed too many requests in a period of time. In such scenario, you need to retry later.
Read more information and learn how to handle this scenario programmatically in the Limitations section.
5xxServer ErrorsThe request is valid but something when wrong on our side. These are rare.