Limit length of ticket subject

Starting from Sep 01, 2024, ticket subject length is going to be limited to 998 characters.


The views items search resource pagination cursor format was changed

Starting from April 15, 2024, a breaking change has been implemented affecting the format of cursor values returned in the API response of views items search API.


301 redirects on merged customers

Starting from May 6, 2024, any requests to /api/customers/{id}/* endpoints will return a 301 Moved Permanently redirect with an empty body if the customer has been merged with another.


Remove HTTP PUT method from /tickets/search endpoint

Starting February 9, HTTP method PUT will not be allowed on /tickets/search endpoint.


Resource URLs returned through the API will not be directly acessible anymore

Starting immediately, all URLs pointing to uploaded resources returned through an API call (files that were uploaded through the API, ticket attachments, etc.) will not be directly accessible anymore.


Remove offset-based pagination

Starting from February 1, 2024, the offset-based pagination used to list resource in endpoint, will be removed. This API change was announced in the previous changelog and affects all listing resource endpoints:


301 redirect when fetching merged ticket

Starting from August 8, 2023, any requests to /api/tickets/{id}/* endpoints will return a 301 redirect status code if the ticket has been merged with another one.


Remove customer attribute of Customer object

Starting from July 31, 2023, the customerattribute of Customer object will be removed. This will affect Customer objects returned by our API and payloads of our webhooks.

Remove events from response of ticket api endpoints

Starting from July 31, 2023, attribute events will be removed from response of ticket rest api endpoints. Following endpoints will be affected:

Change of default order in list widgets

Starting July 1, 2023, the default value of order_by field in the list widgets endpoint will be created_datetime:desc, consistent with other listing endpoints. The previous default value of order_by field in the list widgets endpoint was order:asc.