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Sync Gorgias with a database

Gorgias' HTTP integration can also be used to send Gorgias information to third-party applications such as Google sheets. This tutorial will show how to set up an HTTP integration to automatically populate a database.

Step 1: Find the variables that you would like to add to the database

In Gorgias, explore the Ticket object in our API reference documentation to determine what information you want to send to the database.

Step 2: Find the endpoint from the third party application to append values

Visit the third-party application's developer documentation to find the correct endpoint, HTTP Method, headers (including authentication credentials), and the Request Body to append or change a spreadsheet.

You will find a post request that is likely similar to the following one:

POST https://databasesoftware.com/v4/spreadsheets/{spreadsheetId}/values/{range}:append

Step 3: Create an HTTP Integration

On Gorgias, go to the HTTP Integration page: Gorgias* -> Settings -> Integrations -> HTTP Integrations**.

Add the URL, HTTP Method, and headers (including authentication credentials) from the third-party application's developer documentation as well as the request body from the previous step.

Now, your database should start syncing with your Gorgias account.

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Sync Gorgias with a database

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