OAuth2 Scopes

OAuth2 scopes allow to limit your app's access to Gorgias user’s account data.


Current limitation

At the moment only write:all scope is available.
We plan to introduce more granular scopes in the future. We will notify you and ask you to update your app to only use the scopes necessary for your app use case.

OAuth2 Scopes details

The following scopes can be defined programmatically:




Scope required to "login" with Gorgias. Allows Gorgias to act as a OpenID provider.


User email address.


Basic user information such as their name.


Scope required to use a refresh_token - needed to deal with expiring access_token.


Read and Write permissions to all resources accessible by the user's grant.

Note that that this is a temporary permission and will be removed in the future in favor of more granular scopes. We'll notify you well in advance when that happens to migrate.

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