2. Create a Draft App submission form

  1. Log in into your [Developer Portal] (https://partners.gorgias.com/login) account;
  2. Click the Create New App button;
  3. Add the following information about your app to the app submission form. Don't worry, you will be able to update this information later.
    • App name
    • App tagline
    • App icon
    • App URL
      Required to set up the OAuth flow for your app (e.g.https://your-app.com/gorgias/oauth/install). Once Gorgias user clicks the Install button we will redirect them to this URL.
    • Redirect URLs
      Specify where to redirect users after they have authorized your app (e.g. https://your-app.com/gorgias/oauth/callback).
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Your draft app will appear on the My Apps page.

List of apps with the first Draft app created