Building a high-quality Gorgias app

We strive to give developers all the tools and features needed to build high-quality app experiences for our shared customers.

To get full access to all Gorgias API features, be listed on the Gorgias App Store, and qualify for exclusive partner benefits, your app needs to use OAuth2 for authentication.

OAuth2 has become the industry standard for creating secure and user-friendly integrations. It's the starting point of building a high-quality app. It also allows us to track app metrics for your app and gives customers more control over their data.

Here are some of the key characteristics of a high-quality Gorgias app:

1. Easy setup: One-click install with OAuth2

Using OAuth2 is mandatory for any 3rd party app. Your app should redirect to the Gorgias OAuth2 page both when the customer initiates the install from inside their Gorgias settings and when they connect the app in your product.

Example flow for install initiated in 3rd party product, using a popup:

A one-click install is what a customer has come to expect of any new app they connect. Please avoid manual installs of HTTP integrations. Your app should add all of its components - sidebar widgets, macros, tags, your webhook subscriptions, etc. - on install.

2. Appropriate OAuth2 scopes

One of the many benefits of using OAuth2 for authentication is that we can give customers better control over who accesses their helpdesk data.

Customers will see which data an app can access, and they can easily revoke permissions by disconnecting the app from their settings.

We expect all partners to wisely choose which scopes they request. If your app is requesting access to data that isn’t needed for your app use case, we will ask you to update the scopes you are accessing.

3. Nail your app use case

If your app falls within a category for which we already have popular options, we recommend you take a look at those to see what customers are likely expecting from your app.

For example, there is no need to reinvent the wheel when integrating a reviews app. We have several user-friendly, high-quality reviews apps in our App Store already.

Unsure what’s included in a specific app or how to implement features you see in another app? Feel free to contact our API support team at [email protected] and we will help.

4. Efficient usage of our API

If you're testing your app and notice your app making a lot of unnecessary API calls, get in touch with our API support team. We will look into whether there is a better, more efficient way to accomplish what your apps is trying to do.

Keep our rate limits in mind when building your app, too. Some of our customers receive a ton of data in their accounts. Make sure your app is set up to handle high-volume customer accounts, even during peak times like BFCM.

5. Add a widget to your integration

Customers keep asking to see data from their tech stack in Gorgias to optimize their agents workflows.

If your product has data that agents use frequently to resolve customer requests, consider creating a widget to display that data in Gorgias so that your app stands out and the value proposition of the integration increases for the merchant. Some examples of data to include in the widget: fulfillment or delivery status of the last 3 orders, number of loyalty points customer has, average star rating that the customer has given etc.

Shortcut to create and modify the widget using Gorgias UI