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How to calculate metric

Hi Team, How shall i calculate following metric Total number of tickets ? is it created tickets + closed tickets Total Number of resolve tickets - Value is not available on dashboard. Average first reply time and Average Full resolution time? Is it Total time / Total number of resolve tickets Again we don't have values to compare on dashboard. Just Need your help to get understand how can i calculate above metric or how can i verify it. Thank You Shital

Articles API

Hi, Does an API exist for helpdesk articles? And if not, is this feature on the roadmap or is there a beta available? To clarify why we want this, we would really like to have Document360 act as our primary knowledgebase but unfortunately there isn't currently an integration with Gorgias that would allow Gorgias AI to train on those articles. So, the solution would be to sync articles between Gorgias and Document360 (while keeping the Gorgias versions unlisted). Thanks, Griffin

How can I filter for timestamps in my queries?

How can I filter for or exclude timestamps in my queries? For example, if I wanted to pull a list of Tickets that were updated or received a new message in the past 7 days or after a particular date . . .

Mobile SDK

Hi, Is there any way to embed the chat into mobile app (iOS and Android) via React Native ?

How do I get the phone numbers (and CustomerChannels generally) that are a part of a customer object?

I need a way to get the phone numbers (and CustomerChannels generally) that are in a customer object. The high level view of the whole thing I am trying to do is that on our website we are going to have a contact us/schedule a call form for our customers to use to get in touch with us. I know you guys have a contact us form type thing out of the box, but we need one that has a specific, possibly required, phone number field so we’re looking into making a custom one. Once the customer has inputted all the necessary information there are a few things I need to do in Gorgias. First I need to see if a customer exists under the email they gave (https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/get_api-customers). If there isn’t a customer I need to make one (https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/post_api-customers). Second I need to add the phone number that they inputted into that Gorgias customer object (https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/put_api-customers-id). Third I need to make a ticket with all the information that was given in the custom form (https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/post_api-tickets). The phone number needs to be in the customer object and not just a part of the ticket text so that the support agent can then call the customer from inside Gorgias. The second step is where I think the main problem is. From what I can tell, I have no way to know if that given phone number is already a part of that Gorgias customer. If I try to just blindly update the Gorgias customer with the phone number (https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/put_api-customers-id), two problems could occur. The first problem is if the phone number was already a part of the Gorgias customer object the PUT request returns a 400 error and the message “phone number is already associated with another user” which is very unhelpful. The error message is just false. The phone number isn’t associated with another user, but with this user. The PUT returning an error code also seems a bit misleading, because there wasn’t error. Nothing was updated in the customer object, which since there was nothing to update is a success. The second problem with blindly sending a PUT request with the phone number to the customer object is that it will override all the preexisting CustomerChannels. If the customer already has two email addresses and a phone number in their customer object and I blindly make a PUT request with the new phone number being the only CustomerChannel in the request, those other email addresses and phone numbers are going to be deleted. There is no way to see which CustomerChannels are already in the customer object so that I can include them in the PUT request.

integration via webhook using the "HTTP integration"

Hi there, We have an account with you and our store is currently available through Shopify and Amazon. We just recently listed our brand to multiple wholesale accounts listed below: Faire Range.me Go Wholesale UK Brandboom Creoate Guru They are all marketplace just like Amazon with the messaging system within their website. I am just checking to see if I can integrate them into Gorgias. That way all incoming emails from those wholesale marketplace will also be seen in Gorgias. We wanted to centralize all and have our customer team check just Gorgias for all the messages coming from these wholesale marketplaces.

I am struggling to get the widgets I add to display in the sidebar

Is there a simple JSON script I can use to test that the functionality is working for my integration?

[feature request] List tickets by updated_datetime:desc

Can Gorgias build a sort order in the List [the "List Tickets" endpoint](https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/get_api-tickets) such that I can retrieve/paginate the result set by the **Updated Time** rather than the created time? I need this because my team is building a [Fivetran Custom Connector](https://fivetran.com/docs/functions/aws-lambda) to import my customer service tickets into my data warehouse. As tickets change, I want to update the records. But your API only lets me retrieve tickets by when they were created at. If I want my connector to be comprehensive, I would have to paginate over years of historical records when I only care about the tickets that were updated since the last time my importer ran. I am aware of [HTTP integrations](https://docs.gorgias.com/en-US/http-integrations-81822) that I can build a webhook to retrieve items, but unless gorgias and my systems have 100% uptime, then at some point I will drop data.

time zone

why gorgias showing data with -05:00 time always

LiveChat integration to automate responses

Hi my name is Rem from ResolveAI I have a client who is using Gorgias Live Chat, but wants to automate responses using ResolveAI AI chatbots. Curious if you provide Live Chat integration API where our chatbots can "listen" and "reply" to communications through your live chat? Thanks, Rem