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Create a Draft Message

Is there any way to create a draft message on a Gorgias ticket?

Help center endpoints

I am going through the documentation and not seeing anything help center related. Are there any endpoints I can use to change articles? If not, do you plan to add them soon?

disable chat via api

Can I programmatically schedule chat to disable/enable at particular time of the day by sending scheduled API requests? If so how do I do that?

How can I send SMS reply using Gorgias API?

How do I send the reply in the ticket that was opened by SMS? I want to use API. Do I need to have the number in Gorgias?

List tickets by update time range.

In the endpoint of List tickets(<https://your-domain.gorgias.com/api/tickets)(https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/get_api-tickets)>, can you add a query parameter and query it according to the range of update time. Because I need to synchronize the data of gorgias to our database for analysis, I will have a scheduled job to synchronize the data, Then I hope that every time I go to query, I will query the last execution time to this execution time, all tickets with updated tickets and tickets created during this period of time This is really important to us and I hope we can adopt it

Satisfaction surveys

What would be the best way to build a script that is pulling the tickets from the previous week that received a CSAT score? Do I need to fetch all the tickets from previous week and use those ticket IDs to get the surveys? Or there is another easier way to gather these? TIA

What values should I use in the payload to send an internal note?

I am not sure how to create a request so the message that I send in the ticket is internal note. Please help

Open the widget to the "Order management tab"

We're looking to have a button on the front end of our website "Track my order". Are we able to open a specific page within the chat widget? ("Track and manage my orders") similar to the function onclick="GorgiasChat.open();"

Trigger limitations for HTTP Integration

Is it possible to have more triggers on an HTTP Integration? Our current problem is that a Status can change in the external API and it's only reflected once you create or update a ticket. Ideally I would like to select a "Ticket Viewed" option to pull fresh data from our API.

Gorgias Bigcommerce API Integration problems

Hi, I am looking to resolve an issue with our Gorgias BigCommerce API integration. It appears that we have the Gorgias app installed and connected in BigCommerce, and the BigCommerce app installed and connected in Gorgias. When viewing tickets in Gorgias, I can see associated BigCommerce order data. However, when requesting ticket data from the API, it does not appear to contain any of the BigCommerce data in the response. I assume this would be in the 'integrations' part of the response, but there is no BigCommerce data. How can I resolve this? Thanks, Parker Banks