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Send email when ticket created

Hi there. When creating a ticket via the API, how do I make it email the message from the ticket to the customer? Thanks, Danny

Catch the submission event on my gorgias contact form to push event on dataLayer

Hi everyone, I’m trying to catch the submission event on my gorgias contact form, embedded on my Shopify store, to collect it on my tag manager. I couldn’t get the event directly via GTM and I’m struggling to get it via JS. Do you know if there is a way to do that? I asked to Gorgias support but they told me to ask here for help. Thanks in advance.

Upload File and Attach to Ticket

I'm using /api/upload to upload files, and using the response to submit attachments on a new ticket (api/tickets). The upload works, the ticket gets created, and the attachment is present in the dashboard, but the image url's return a 403, and appear as a broken img in the dashboard. I also included public: true inside the attachment object with no luck - I think true is the default anyway according to the docs. Any ideas?

Do the API requests support CORS?

I am building an integration to Gorgias and have encountered a CORS policy error response to the preflight request stating that "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource". How can we enable CORS on the Gorgias API requests?

Calculate replied tickets from the ticket object

Hello, I am trying to calculate the count of replied tickets - as the metric in the Support Performance overview page in Gorgias app - from the Ticket object of your API. However, there is no column named replied ticket, count of replies, or similar. Hence, I would like to know what is the logic behind the calculation of the "Ticket replied" metric available in the Gorgias app stats. Thanks.

Chat Audience Based on Customer Tags

Hello, The ability to engage chat with customers is extremely limited. There are only two options: Current URL and Time Spent on Page. Is it possible to customize new options to automatically engage chat. Ideally, we could leverage customer tags from Shopify, since they are already pulled into Gorgias. What about additional options? Thank you, Michael

WhatsApp ticketing

Hello, Let's say a customer uses WhatsApp with Gorgias (for customer service) and another app called A (for marketing). If the customer starts the conversion with a user through A, will Gorgias create a ticket? Is there a way to distinguish the conversations that are Customer Service related and the ones that are Marketing related? The thing is that I don't want the customer to have 1000 tickets opened because he sent a WhatsApp campaign through A or because he gave his clients a wa.me link for order delivering. Thank you for your help!

Subfield access for text widget

Hello, I'm trying to create a text widget for my gorgias integration and I've got the following data: { "top": { "subField": { "name": "test" } } } I'm trying to figure out how to show this as a text field like: { "type": "text", path: "top.subField.name", "title": "Name" } Is there a way that I can do that? I'd like to not have something like { "type": "card", "path": "top", "widgets": \[{"type": "card", "path": "subField", "widgets": [{ "type": "text", "path": "name", title: "Name" }] }] in a naive way, but if I can make the cards somehow not appear then that would be alright. Thank you!

How can we pass Start & End date as query parameter for Ticket List?

- How can we pass Start & End date as query parameter for Ticket List? - When calling Tickets APIs, does Gorgias provide life time? - Using what metrics can we determine which tickets are old and which are new?

Can I add my 'REST integration' to the Gorgias App store?

We have built a REST integration with Gorgias to support Texting over Gorgias. It's not an 'app' that is installed in Gorgias, but rather sets up webhooks, etc. Can we list on the App store, or is it only for actual 'Gorgias Apps' that you install within Gorgias? I've check the partner portal and I'm not sure how to list or create an app like this. Thanks for the help!