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Articles API

Hi, Does an API exist for helpdesk articles? And if not, is this feature on the roadmap or is there a beta available? To clarify why we want this, we would really like to have Document360 act as our primary knowledgebase but unfortunately there isn't currently an integration with Gorgias that would allow Gorgias AI to train on those articles. So, the solution would be to sync articles between Gorgias and Document360 (while keeping the Gorgias versions unlisted). Thanks, Griffin

File upload api returns 201 but no file is created?

I am attempting to create a file using the api but its just returning a 201 with just a blank array \[], normally if the file is not formed correctly or missing it returns an error but for some reason I am just getting no file url returned. The docs do not specify why this might occur.

Bug in webhook payload

Hi, There's an error in your webhook payloads for HTTP integrations - when there are multiple email addresses on a customer, and I choose one, Gorgias correctly sends the email to the right address. However, in the webhook payload, the "receiver" email field in the message object is wrong - it is always the first email on the customer object, not the one that actually received the email. This is a breaking issue for us, please keep me updated on how/when it is resolved. Thanks! Scott

Where is the full schema for Widget entity?

I just need the full schema of the widget entity

Is there a plan to have an API for Articles?

Is there a plan to have an API for Articles?

How do I incrementally sync customers?

I can't filter by updated_datetime, I have to full reload every time?

Bulk create tickets

I have tens of thousands of tickets to migrate, is it possible to create them in batches instead of individually?

Upload file in node.js app

Gorgias upload file has the following documentation: const sdk = require('api')('@gorgias-developers/v1.0#fgg25lq0zlwrl'); sdk.auth('email' 'api_key'); sdk.postApiUpload({ file: '51c1076a502ed528e6696c72b5fecfef.png' }, {type: 'attachment'}) .then(({ data }) => console.log(data)) .catch(err => console.error(err)); and it works in the documentation when you click in try it But how does it works in an node.js app? If i try to put into file property the path to my file, it always return "<p>The requested URL was not found on the server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.</p>\\n"

Traslation app using Deepl

Does the API support real-time events for scenarios such as customer chat? We aim to build a microservice that can translate incoming messages, chats, or support tickets from any language and allow the customer service team to communicate in their native language, which will be translated back to the customer. We thought of using Deepl as the translation services.

Gorgias Chat Channel

Hello Community! I'm trying to set up a chatbot integration with Gorgias. The goal is to enable responding to customer queries through the chatbot while also providing a system for store owners to reply directly via the Gorgias dashboard. Is there a way to configure this functionality?