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Advanced chat customization events not triggering

I'm following the instructions in [the Gorgias documentation](https://docs.gorgias.com/en-US/advanced-customization-new-chat-81792) to customize a chat widget using the Gorgias customization API. My intention is to programmatically open a chat widget and then run some custom code after it has been opened. According to the documentation, the `widget:opened` event should fire anytime the widget is opened. Unfortunately, it appears that programmatically opening the widget using `GorgiasChat.open()` does *not* fire this event. I am able to observe that the `widget:opened` event *is* properly firing if I manually click the Gorgias button. So how can I go about running code on my widget when the Gorgias Chat window opens programmatically? I need to run custom CSS on the widget itself, so need a way of programmatically knowing when it opens so I can run the javascript code to do so. ``` GorgiasChat.init().then(function() { GorgiasChat.on('widget:opened', function() { // this only fires when manually opening the widget, and is not firing when programmatically opening it like below console.log("widget opened"); }); GorgiasChat.open(); }) ```

I am struggling to get the widgets I add to display in the sidebar

Is there a simple JSON script I can use to test that the functionality is working for my integration?

Mobile SDK

Hi, Is there any way to embed the chat into mobile app (iOS and Android) via React Native ?

How can I filter for timestamps in my queries?

How can I filter for or exclude timestamps in my queries? For example, if I wanted to pull a list of Tickets that were updated or received a new message in the past 7 days or after a particular date . . .

How to calculate metric

Hi Team, How shall i calculate following metric Total number of tickets ? is it created tickets + closed tickets Total Number of resolve tickets - Value is not available on dashboard. Average first reply time and Average Full resolution time? Is it Total time / Total number of resolve tickets Again we don't have values to compare on dashboard. Just Need your help to get understand how can i calculate above metric or how can i verify it. Thank You Shital