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Adding customize macros

How can we send styled HTML macros by adding HTML?

[Feature Request] Start and/or End date as Query Parameter instead of Cursor for Ticket List

I need to only extract tickets starting January 2022 to date. Is there any possibility to extract by date range? If I set the order_by param to ascending, it will extract data from 2017, which we don't need to store anymore.

Is the phone number property going to be included in the customer object in future?

We would like to update customer phone numbers via the API. Is this possible?

How custom widget template works?

Hi, I want to create a custom widget that displays on the ticket page. I need to scrap details from the tickets' messages and wish to say in the right panel.

Widget update via custom button action response

Is it possible to directly update widget fields based on JSON response of custom button action?

Upload File and Attach to Ticket

I'm using /api/upload to upload files, and using the response to submit attachments on a new ticket (api/tickets). The upload works, the ticket gets created, and the attachment is present in the dashboard, but the image url's return a 403, and appear as a broken img in the dashboard. I also included public: true inside the attachment object with no luck - I think true is the default anyway according to the docs. Any ideas?

Do the API requests support CORS?

I am building an integration to Gorgias and have encountered a CORS policy error response to the preflight request stating that "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource". How can we enable CORS on the Gorgias API requests?

Send email when ticket created

Hi there. When creating a ticket via the API, how do I make it email the message from the ticket to the customer? Thanks, Danny

How can we pass Start & End date as query parameter for Ticket List?

- How can we pass Start & End date as query parameter for Ticket List? - When calling Tickets APIs, does Gorgias provide life time? - Using what metrics can we determine which tickets are old and which are new?

[feature request] Add Large Delete Button next to Close Button

There are times when we just want delete a ticket instead of close it. The current 3-step process would be made much more intuitive and reduce storage data if a large red "Delete" button was added to right of the "Close" button. The clicks that button, gets a prompt to confirm, and the ticket goes into the trash where it lives for 30 days before it's permanently deleted.