Public/Private App clarification


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Public/Private App clarification

The very first section of the Quickstart is about Public vs Private apps, and boils down the difference to how authentication is done (oauth vs api key) and public apps require an approval process. Private apps aren't really mentioned anywhere else in any significant way... so I head over to the app section of my Gorgias site ...

There doesn't appear to be any way to creating or installing a "private app" in the settings section of my Gorgias site, and within the partner site when you click "Create new app" it has required fields related to OAuth, so I'm guessing that is only for creating "public" apps.

So then I thought ok, maybe all "private app" means, is I use the Gorgias API directly ... I head over to the "HTTP Integration" link in the Settings of my Gorgias site ... but it only lets you hook into 3 basic triggers rather than every event and it says "HTTP integrations are not a replacement for proper apps."

What am I missing here? Are "private apps" an actual thing or not? If so, how does one create one.