Customers won't be accessible anymore via the /users endpoints on 2022-08-01

Starting from August 1, 2022:

  • The /users endpoints won't work to create, list, retrieve, update and delete customers. Instead, you will have to use the /customers endpoints. The /users endpoints will only be used to manage Gorgias users (people using Gorgias).
  • The "create user" and "update user" endpoints won't accept the channels, customer, data, and roles attributes in the payload. Sending one of these attributes will result in an HTTP 400 - Bad request error.

Migration guide:

Review HTTP requests you send to the /users endpoints:

  • If you are calling these endpoints to create, list, retrieve, update, delete Users:
    • When creating or updating users:
      • remove body parameters channels, customer, and data
      • replace usage of roles with role
    • Remove usage of the deprecated attributes returned in the responses that are not User's attributes (channels, customer, data, integrations, and roles).
  • If you call this endpoint to create, list, retrieve, update, delete Customers:
    • Replace the /users part in the URL of your HTTP request with /customers.