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Why build on Gorgias?

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Sell your app to Gorgias customers

95% of Gorgias merchants connect a 3rd party app to their Gorgias account. This helps them provide better customer service and deliver more value to their end customers.

Among Gorgias customers, software companies that have built Gorgias integrations, such as ChannelReply and Postscript have reached a 100 customers on Gorgias within 3 months after building their paid integration.

Deliver more value to your customers

Using Gorgias for omnichannel support allows for quicker response times, fewer missed messages, and access to all of a customer's previous conversations from a single platform. By improving customer support experiences, you can offer even greater value to companies using your application.

Our clients have seen a 31% increase in revenue when enabling 1:1 text communication for customer service messages with platforms like Gorgias.

Allison Kelly, Head of Technology Partners @ Attentive

Updated 3 months ago

Why build on Gorgias?

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