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Publishing an app

There are 40+ apps available on our App Store page. This page lets customers easily find which apps they can connect with and allows them to easily access information on integrating the two platforms.

We strongly encourage developers to create their own apps and submit them to us to raise awareness of the integration and encourage our customers to link these apps together.

How to get your integration live on the App Store page

1. Sign up in PartnerStack

Click here to sign up in PartnerStack. This enables you to get your unique partner link to refer leads and receive commission payouts.

2. Follow the link to create a Gorgias demo account.

You'll find this link once you've created a PartnerStack account.

3. Change your account from a demo to a free account

To do so, reach out to [email protected] with your account URL.

4. (Optional) Get our review on your app proposal


This step is optional: If you're not sure yet about the relevance of integrating with us, you can have our team review your proposal.

Fill in this form. Our team will review the proposed use cases and technical info (e.g., endpoints involved) and provide feedback to guide you to ensure the integration is of the highest quality & stability for our customer base.

5. Build your integration

To do so, check out our REST API documentation, which is accessible here.

6. Submit your app on the Partner Portal

The Gorgias Partner Portal is the entry point for all technical partners to build an integration within Gorgias. Thanks to this Portal, you'll be able to:

  • Have a smooth process to publish and submit your app
  • Follow your app's statistics
  • Get listed on our public marketplace (and soon in-product marketplace as well)
  • Offer a smooth user experience with OAuth2 (optional)

How to submit your app on the Partner Portal?

  • Register to the Partner Portal using this link.
  • Create an app. Once you've created it, don't worry, it will be in Draft mode, so not submitted for approval yet.
  • Click on the app name in the table above or in the "Edit" action in the "..." menu.
  • Complete all the required fields.
  • Click on "Submit Application". Our tech partnership team will review your app and make sure it's working properly and aligned with our expectations. If you're unsure about some fields and not ready to submit your app yet, you can always click on "Save" and come back to this page later.

7. Your app is approved

Once approved, your app will be added to the integrations page in the helpdesk, as well as our App Store page on the homepage. If your app isn't approved, you'll get feedback on what to fix/change directly in the Partner Portal.

8. Marketing and promotion

Sync with our marketing team to promote your app and gain traction with Gorgias users.

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Publishing an app

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