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Guides and technical documentation to help you start building integrations on Gorgias

Publishing to the integration page

Gorgias offers has 30+ integrations on our integrations page. This page lets customers easily find which integrations they can connect with and allows them to easily access information on integrating the two platforms.

We strongly encourage developers to create their own integrations and submit them to us to raise awareness of the integration and encourage our customers to link these apps together.

How to get your integration live on the integrations page

  1. Sign up in Partnerstack.
  2. Follow the link to create a demo account.
  3. Reach out to [email protected] with your account URL to change from a demo to a free account
  4. Check out our REST API documentation.
  5. Build your integration.
  6. Submit it to our team for review at [email protected].
  7. Create an article for your integration for our user documentation.
  8. Once approved, your app will be added to the integrations page as well as our integration section on the homepage.
  9. Sync with our marketing team to promote your app and gain traction with Gorgias users.

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Publishing to the integration page

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