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Application Types

Private and Public Applications

You decided it's time to create a Gorgias Application! That's great, but first you need to choose between two types of Apps:

Private apps

  • No special process needed, very easy to get started.
  • Used only for development or to access your own Gorgias account data.
  • Authentication types using Access Tokens or OAuth2 (including unpublished apps).
  • For OAuth2 authentication you will need to register your app on our Partner portal.

Public apps

  • Involves a review process from the Gorgias team.
  • Can be used with all Gorgias accounts and they are also published in our App Store and can reach a broader audience. Read more on why you should build and app with us here.
  • Authentication is done via OAuth2 only.
  • To create a public app you need to register on our Partner portal.

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What's Next

Find out how to create & setup your public App:

Authentication types
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Application Types

Private and Public Applications

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