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How to Get Salesforce Info Into a Widget

There is a development project which is very important to me, but I am running into problems when I try implementing it. I will describe to you what I need, and I am hoping you can help me make this happen. I keep information about my customers and about their interactions with our reps in software called Salesforce. I would like for that information to be visible in a widget associated with any ticket belonging to that customer. You have detailed instructions for how to do that in two places - in your dev docs you show how to do it using the api and also in your non-dev docs where you show how to do it with Zapier. In both places, the first step is to access the data in the third party app using Gorgias's HTTP integrations. Here's my problem: The HTTP integrating tool that comes with Gorgias is only configured to work using basic authentication. I can't get information from Salesforce using basic authentication. I need to use OAuth. Therefore, I cannot do that through Gorgias. I have to do it on my own. Supposing I have a way to access that information on my own, through Zapier or otherwise... how do I then get that information into Gorgias without using your out-of-the box HTTP integration?

Advanced chat customization events not triggering

I'm following the instructions in [the Gorgias documentation](https://docs.gorgias.com/en-US/advanced-customization-new-chat-81792) to customize a chat widget using the Gorgias customization API. My intention is to programmatically open a chat widget and then run some custom code after it has been opened. According to the documentation, the `widget:opened` event should fire anytime the widget is opened. Unfortunately, it appears that programmatically opening the widget using `GorgiasChat.open()` does *not* fire this event. I am able to observe that the `widget:opened` event *is* properly firing if I manually click the Gorgias button. So how can I go about running code on my widget when the Gorgias Chat window opens programmatically? I need to run custom CSS on the widget itself, so need a way of programmatically knowing when it opens so I can run the javascript code to do so. ``` GorgiasChat.init().then(function() { GorgiasChat.on('widget:opened', function() { // this only fires when manually opening the widget, and is not firing when programmatically opening it like below console.log("widget opened"); }); GorgiasChat.open(); }) ```

Is it possible to capture more than simply the email address

captureUserEmail is used to provide the user's email address in chat conversations. Is it possible to provide something else like an accountID or a userID?

Facebook comment reply

If we want to reply to a Facebook ad comment via the Gorgias API, do you have an example API call that would work? If not, can you point me to the correct Rest API endpoint to use? I'm currently getting the error, "Failed to add this message to the ticket".

Views with datetime filters

Is it possible to create a view with datetime filters via the API? When trying, I receive this message suggesting no, but perhaps a formatting issue? { "error": { "msg": "Failed to create view.", "data": { "filters": [ { "eq(ticket.created_datetime, open)": { "ticket.created_datetime": [ "Unsupported argument, choose one from: ticket.assignee_team.id, ticket.assignee_user.id, ticket.customer.id, ticket.messages.integration_id, ticket.channel, ticket.language, ticket.status" ] } } ] } } }

Duplicate tags from using the POST /api/tickets endpoint

Hello, When using the POST /api/tickets and adding the tags object (just the name) sometimes for the same name a new tag is created, even if in the account a tag with that name already exists. Why does this happen?

What event is triggered when deleting a ticket from gorgias platform?

When support agent manually deletes a ticket on gorgias platform, does the action trigger `Ticket updated` event? I am asking this question because I am configuring `HTTP integration`, there are 3 events listed below can trigger a HTTP request and we expect to close a support session in our system when the ticket is deleted: - Ticket created - Ticket updated - Ticket message created Thanks, Junsheng

API query params

I hope that API List tickets interfaces can have such an updated_datetime query parameter; In addition, can you provide an interface for querying message, not ticket, but directly based on the time range

Template documentation

Hi there! Is there any documentation on the type and template field of the widgets? https://developers.gorgias.com/reference/post_api-widgets All I can see is that there are multiple types, but nowhere it lists the possibilities of how a widget template is made. I am aware there are some examples, but those are only very basic If I e.g. look at the shopify widgets, it seems that there are some possibilities which are not in the documentation or any example. Thanks a lot in advance!

Adding customize macros

How can we send styled HTML macros by adding HTML?