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how to create an private app?

hi, i want to create an app for tickets in gorgias , i couldn't find documentation in regard of how to build an app in gorgias(which language i should use, wat are the interface methods supported,etc) please do let me know how to create an app in gorgias . thanks

Cant open attacment in my app

When I try to open the attachments that I send through API to my app, I am getting an error saying that only Gorgias personnel can access it. How do I make it work?

Widget Icon using the API

Hey there, I've been trying to add an icon to a standalone widget I've created. I know through the docs it says you can add an icon and a border color; but I can't figure the attribute name and where it should be placed. I've tried the following - logo, icon. But there's just no documentation beyond the one line. Also, I've tried placing this in the meta attribute as well as the object in the "widgets" array. Has anyone figured this out? Thanks!

Response time

We are trying to calculate our own response time for each message from customer. What is the best approach for that if we use API?

Public/Private App clarification

The very first section of the Quickstart is about Public vs Private apps, and boils down the difference to how authentication is done (oauth vs api key) and public apps require an approval process. Private apps aren't really mentioned anywhere else in any significant way... so I head over to the app section of my Gorgias site ... There doesn't appear to be any way to creating or installing a "private app" in the settings section of my Gorgias site, and within the partner site when you click "Create new app" it has required fields related to OAuth, so I'm guessing that is only for creating "public" apps. So then I thought ok, maybe all "private app" means, is I use the Gorgias API directly ... I head over to the "HTTP Integration" link in the Settings of my Gorgias site ... but it only lets you hook into 3 basic triggers rather than every event and it says "HTTP integrations are not a replacement for proper apps." What am I missing here? Are "private apps" an actual thing or not? If so, how does one create one.

Fetch tag IDs

We are trying to fetch the IDs of the tags using tag names. Is there an option to do it other than pulling all the tags and pulling IDs from the whole list? I would like to query by tag name.

Access ticket meta object?

Within Gorgias, where can we see the "meta" object that gets submitted via Ticket API?

List tickets by tag?

I'd like to retrieve all the tickets given a certain tag. First impression is that it's not possible. Am I missing something?

How event got triggered ?

I have a use case where I want to override user_id while creating event for certain actions. Example - I added tags in ticket using API. In this case, an event is getting triggerd by a user (don't know from where this user is getting picked). I want to override this user. Any idea about this, how can i fix it ??

Gorgias PM looking to speak to Gorgias Tech Partners

Hello partners, I'm new a Product Manager at Gorgias and I'm looking for a handful partners to speak with and learn more about your journey with Gorgias. If you have a live app on Gorgias app store or if you are in the process of building your integration I'd love to talk to you! Here is a link to my calendar <https://www.getclockwise.com/c/olga-bogomolova-gorgias-com/tech-partner-conversation>, it's active until October 31st :)