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Open the widget to the "Order management tab"

We're looking to have a button on the front end of our website "Track my order". Are we able to open a specific page within the chat widget? ("Track and manage my orders") similar to the function onclick="GorgiasChat.open();"

Trigger limitations for HTTP Integration

Is it possible to have more triggers on an HTTP Integration? Our current problem is that a Status can change in the external API and it's only reflected once you create or update a ticket. Ideally I would like to select a "Ticket Viewed" option to pull fresh data from our API.

Gorgias Bigcommerce API Integration problems

Hi, I am looking to resolve an issue with our Gorgias BigCommerce API integration. It appears that we have the Gorgias app installed and connected in BigCommerce, and the BigCommerce app installed and connected in Gorgias. When viewing tickets in Gorgias, I can see associated BigCommerce order data. However, when requesting ticket data from the API, it does not appear to contain any of the BigCommerce data in the response. I assume this would be in the 'integrations' part of the response, but there is no BigCommerce data. How can I resolve this? Thanks, Parker Banks

How do I retrive all the messages for the tickets having more than 100 messages ?

Cause of the limit parameter in the list message api I'm only able to get the recent 100 messages and nothing beyond that and there is no pagination as well. Can you please tell me how I can get all the messages for each tickets. Thank you.

how the filter by tags works?

in Retrieve a statistic,filters,tags. tags is array, which used to filter out specific data the relevent to the tags. is it bring al the data that connect to all the tags in the array, or it bring each data tha connect to any of the tags in the array

Dose a company sub-domain have other characters than alphabets too?

when we are accessing a company relevant private app we ara having a sub-domain for example: <https://gorgias.gorgias.com/api> dose these subdomain can have other characters too like numerics or any special character allowed ?


Hi, I have made a custom JS loader to start the chat only when the customer selects a button on our site. Currently, When they navigate to a new page, I need to reload the JS, but I am loosing the current messages. Looking at localStorage, it seems gorgias has the following. gorgias.chat-access-token gorgias.chat-ws-last-connected gorgias.user-journey-id I assume I am going to need to send this with the request to open the same chat, wondering if anyone has done this and can provide some guidance on it.

REST APIs for Articles?

Are there any APIs to pull all articles and categories from HelpCenter?

What could be the value range of "days" element in the "/account" api response?

In account api response "1,2,3,4,5" depicts => Monday to Friday working business days? where monday is having 1 value? As per the Gregorian calendar, weekdays are having 1 to 7 units assigned, where sunday is having 1 and other days having 1unit incremented till Saturday is assigned 7. Here the confusion is, the gorgias account api considers 1 unit means Sunday or Monday? And if 1 value is considered as monday then which value is assigned to Sunday? 0 Or 7? Just to know what will be the value range of "days" parameter? 0 to 6? OR 1 to 7? And what will be the initial and last value, corresponding to which week day?

Is it possible to add a custom note to a chat, so that only CS can see it?

We would like to include additional details at the beginning of a chat session from out onsite widget, so that CS may access that at the beginning of a chat conversation. The only method of adding to the chat programmatically seems to be by adding a message on behalf of the customer, which they would see. Is there a workflow to add a custom note on a chat session?