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How to Get Salesforce Info Into a Widget

There is a development project which is very important to me, but I am running into problems when I try implementing it.
I will describe to you what I need, and I am hoping you can help me make this happen.

I keep information about my customers and about their interactions with our reps in software called Salesforce.
I would like for that information to be visible in a widget associated with any ticket belonging to that customer.
You have detailed instructions for how to do that in two places - in your dev docs you show how to do it using the api and also in your non-dev docs where you show how to do it with Zapier. In both places, the first step is to access the data in the third party app using Gorgias's HTTP integrations.

Here's my problem:
The HTTP integrating tool that comes with Gorgias is only configured to work using basic authentication. I can't get information from Salesforce using basic authentication. I need to use OAuth. Therefore, I cannot do that through Gorgias. I have to do it on my own. Supposing I have a way to access that information on my own, through Zapier or otherwise... how do I then get that information into Gorgias without using your out-of-the box HTTP integration?